The Division 2 Beta is Here!

FINALLY. IT HAS ARRIVED. (I mean, Kingdom Hearts 3 also arrived but that’s another story for another day.)

The Division 2 beta is here. AND I HAVE SOME TEA.

Well not really tea, it’s just a small review of the little bit I’ve played so far. I got disconnected again now, but that’s a part of a Beta. Not like Anthem with their VIP beta that caused a bunch of issues. That game is closer to launch and it did not feel like it.

My avatar looks like a hot mess.

I love what I’ve played so far. That’s the reality of it. It tossed me right back into a world I loved playing and it picked up from some time after the first one. I explored with Carlos after the tutorial mission. I found collectibles, loot, crafting materials, and one of those collectibles included a voice clip of Aaron Keener! (I am way too excited about this but the first game left so much to be said about what happened to this guy.)

This game feels more complete. It feels so much better than the first. There’s some learning curve for me since I last played the first game on the Xbox a long while back and now I’m adapting to mouse/keyboard.

The avatar designs look all like crap. I mean, at least the ones I randomized so far. I understand it’s also a mechanic to be able to get people into the game faster. Cosmetics are very time-consuming for people who really just need to have every aspect of their avatar just right. I know a few.

I gotta admit, climbing up on the generator and seeing this view was pretty awesome. Almost as impressive as the pan of the White House Base of Operations. Almost.

I feel optimistic about how this game will unfold. The voice acting is seemingly a bit improved from the first game. It appears that there’s a lot more that can be done this time around. The world feels more expanded than it already did in the first game.

The rest of this weekend feels really promising when it comes to gaming. I’m very much looking forward to it.

More Division 2 beta thoughts and screenshots incoming during the weekend. I can’t wait to keep exploring!


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