The Day is Almost Upon Us

No, this isn’t a post trashing Valentine’s day though I have been known to do that before. This has got more to do with the fact that Anthem’s launch is nearly here.

You can pre-load your PC copies on Origin right now as I type this. The game’s going to be available a full week before street date on PC. So you can picture what my weekend is going to be like already. I did say not that long ago that the game didn’t feel like it was ready for launch. No matter how old the build the was.

I’m obviously curious to see how it’s going to play out. Last night while lounging around (instead of playing KH3, which I’m trying to not finish too fast) Carlos casted twitch to the TV. We saw Ninja playing Apex Legends, the new hot battle royale game. The game looked like a lot of fun and definitely like something I’d play. (It’s also free, so that’s a huge incentive to play it right there.)

Facebook was nice to notify me late that Wesley was also streaming himself playing Apex Legends. I’m probably going to wait until my set up is able to carry the game perfectly so I can play. I don’t know if I’ll hop on the twitch bandwagon for that game but I’ll sure as heck try to get some sort of schedule going. (Be prepared for random K-pop dance parties.)

Taemin also released a mini album right after Itzy’s single dropped and OH. MY. GOD. I have not been able to process the whole music video in one sitting because life gets in the way. If I manage, I’ll try to dissect it a little for a post. There’s gonna be a lot of fangirling involved.

Anthem this weekend, oh boy. I still can’t believe the game is actually almost upon us. I remember saying that this game was going to be the ‘Destiny Killer’ when it came out but Activision pretty much took care of that before they let Bungie go. The game didn’t even have 7k viewers in twitch. I remember that game being kind of high up there with Overwatch. Especially during Iron Banner weekends.

I remember the days when having that whole armor set was something I was proud of. Not anymore.

I really hope Anthem lives up to the hype. After they were panned in Reddit for not having a clear content map for the game, the website was updated with a better road-map. That road-map looks pretty promising I have to say.

Here’s hoping Anthem has a successful launch.


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