YumeTwins Update

I was gonna post yesterday but I was too tired. It was an extremely long day. I had a few errands to run that seemingly took forever, and then one of my two missing YumeTwins boxes arrived.

I was hoping it was the Pokémon one but…it wasn’t. It was the New Year Animal themed one. I was kind of excited but then it all faded away when I opened it.

I’m not gonna photograph the items for the time being. Maybe I will for my next post on YumeTwins, when I finally talk about what happens after their ‘please wait two more weeks to see if your missing boxes arrive’. I’m hoping it’s a refund for the Pokémon box so I can use that money for something else.

The Aggretsuko plushie was really cute but the stitching on her leg is questionable. It looks like one of them could just ‘pop’ off. The chopping board is basically useless even if I manage to straighten it out. The boar lap blanket is all right.

Then there’s the ponytail holder, not terrible looking but even the packaging looked a little busted. The stickers I might use but the items inside didn’t feel like $35 worth. Not even close.

At this point I wish I’d kept my money and used it on Pokécen stuff.

-10/10 will not repurchase or subscribe ever again.


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