Frostnite Week 3: The Queen is Here

Last Wednesday night was the Fortnite reset. Week three challenge came in and it brought forth a new Hero. The Ice Queen looks amazing in the game and her accessory is a backpack. Carlos was able to level her up as soon as we unlocked her.

The challenge this week feels almost like we were given a bone after week 2. It wasn’t hard, we got it on the first try. I on the other hand have been finally playing Fragment Flurry Jess and I absolutely love her. I do wish she had Phase Shift instead of Anti-material charge but that’s just because I like zigzagging across the map anyway.

Regardless, this week’s challenge was fun for me. The Taker wave was annoying but that’s the usual. It does get impossibly difficult later on since my starting power level is now 100.

I haven’t leveled up the new Launcher and that is next on my list. At least I got the new Hero. There’s also the new Constructor in the event store, that’s a lot of Gold I need to catch up with.

Also, if the rumors are true that Lynx is coming to the game as a Mythic Skirmisher(while her new class is established after the hero rework), I need gold. If she’s not unlockable through other means that is.

That’s enough Fortnite for the week I think. I do need to catch up on all the Division 2 announcements however. That’s a thing for tonight probably.

Thanks for reading fam, later!


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