Late Night Salmon Runs

Yesterday I spent my time trying to be productive. I played around with my planner with a bunch of the stuff that Gyna gave me recently. I do think I need to add more washi to my weekly spread though. I’ll probably do that tonight when I settle down at home.

Hell week is just beginning to be set up. The kiosks that go in front of my apartment were being built on Saturday. I remember that I vlogged about these briefly last year.

Last year’s vlog for Heck Week

I don’t know if I’ll vlog this year’s chaos but I might. I do want to revive my channel with gaming and vlogs. First I wanted to start with this. I’ve seemingly gotten into some sort of rhythm for posting. This time I meant my efforts.

Anyway, onto last night. I played some Splatoon with Kathy on Satruday night and told her we should try Salmon run together. She played right after I got offline and loved it. Which is what we decided to play last night together.

I mean, I already loved Salmon Run to begin with. Playing with a friend was a lot more fun than I gave it credit for and I definitely can’t wait to play with Kathy again. I do hope Chewy can join us next time for sure. Sure, there was moments where we were dead concentrated on what we were doing but then there was a good bunch of laughs. Definitely a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play again.

I should check what the weapons are for the next session. I am hoping there’s no sniper involved again. GOD they’re SO annoying.

Until next time fam, thanks for reading!


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