Day Thirteen: The Visit

The president didn’t even last a day here. Last I heard he was leaving.

He blames PR for ruining the budget for the year. Well, I mean…it’s not like we planned for this. I mean, if we could plan hurricanes, we would totally know better than to ruin your precious budget.

I can’t find water anywhere. There’s no more food on the shelves. Canned food. I can’t cook anything because I still don’t have power.

Only 7% of the island has power. Out of 3.5 million people that are here.

My signal is gone. Complete garbage. People are stealing diesel from the generators that keep the antennas running. People are stealing copper from these antennas.

I got lucky and was able to play Destiny 2 for some hours due to a kind soul who welcomed me and my roomie with open arms so we could play.

I didn’t ask for this. I feel like I’m playing the settlements mini game in Fallout 4 and I can’t win. I can’t loot. I can’t craft anything from scraps. I can’t build defenses to protect myself if I dare to go out in the dark.

All I have is a flashlight. And my keys.

My phone only gets reception in certain areas. I have to fight to get signal in my own damn balcony because I have no reception inside my apt.

I’m mostly tan now. I liked being pale.

I can mostly afford one cold soda a day. With a meal. And it doesn’t come cheap. Lukewarm soda tastes terrible but I have no way of getting ice.

I doubt many generators will last long. They are not meant for long term use.

I want my life back.


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