Day Fourteen: Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Still no power. Water keeps coming and going. It is terrible. My reception at home is down worse than before. I have to stick my hands out in the balcony to get anything. 

I’ve been spending my days out. I’ve gained a few shades of color. Last time I was this shade it was 2007 and I was cosplaying Tifa from Advent Children. I remember being told I was too tan to cosplay Tifa. Seems trivial now, doesn’t it? 

Starbucks opened at last. I couldn’t get a hot sandwich like I wanted but I have been able to charge my phone and my laptop. My 3DS is also charging so I have something other than the switch to play around at night with. 

This whole process sometimes feels like you’re suspended in time, paused even. I can still move, I can do things but parts of my life missing. There’s things I can’t do like before, I can’t stream any TV. All of my shows started(not counting CW which is next week) and I can’t see them. I’ve missed one WWE PPV and this Sunday I’m missing my second one. I can’t play every night with my friends. I miss gaming with my roomie. He and I get into so many fuzzy messes and all the laughter that comes with it. 

Hell Pouring’s giggle is something I even miss. Kitty and I joking about silly puns. My roommate and I wisecracking about how we both suck at crucible but still manage to win with our awesome friends. 

Things are slowly normalizing. But it’s going to be a terribly long process. At this point only 10% of the island has power right now. A lot of people have water or have the same yo-yo I do. I don’t see a pattern though. 

There’s still no water anywhere for me to add more drinking water to what I have at home. As far as I know, the water has been distributed elsewhere. 

I’m really hoping my supermarket gets some water soon. They got milk today but there’s no generator working there right now so that’s all ruined. 

Here’s to hoping my friend’s package arrives on time. Some cookies would do good right now. 


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