Day Twelve: Four Days Later

It’s currently Saturday(when I started writing this) and I’m stuck waiting for a cab driver to give me a ride back to my aunt’s. I opted to go home because I thought it would make me feel better.

It didn’t.

I found out yesterday that I was on CNN on top of ABC News(which I already knew of. I must also point out I’m writing this without any sort of cellular connection. So I have no idea what’s been happening other than what was on WAPA).

Its bad. It’s really bad. I’ve had no signal for days now. I feel like crap.

Curfew is extended indefinitely. That means I can’t really go to work because of my shift. Hell I don’t even know anything about my job.

I’ve heard there are cops at gas stations. People have told me they’re there. Guys are coming up to gas stations, showing off their firearms in order to rob them. Looting is a thing here too. It’s like St. Marteen.

A water dam had damage and it was ordered for everyone in that area to evacuate to avoid drowning. We don’t know if anyone got out. We don’t know if they heard that. That’s how bad communication is right now.

Cuomo being here is a good thing. It is. We need all the help we can get.

But people are gonna leave this island in droves. We live where you vacation but not many people wanna live here anymore.

I’m still stunned the taxi drivers are taking care of me. They get a bad rap(deservedly so usually) but I am stunned they’re promising to give me a lift to my aunt’s guaranteed because they live in those areas and refuse to leave me stranded in OSJ.

The cruise we’re waiting for is full of Puerto Ricans trying to get to their families. I don’t even want to imagine how much of them think they know what it’s like due to the media. Hell no. It’s nothing like it.

Desperation hasn’t hit yet on a lot of people. It will slowly. When food supplies run out, when water starts being scarce, communication towers taking forever to be restored…people are gonna lose it.

It already hit me. I don’t know how long I can last. I don’t know how long my sisters and my mom will last. People who can afford it are gonna leave in bunches. I can’t afford it.

People are suggesting that if you’re going to donate, donate to your relatives directly. It is entirely up to you. If anyone cares to donate, just go to me directly. I have a ko-fi link active and you can donate to my PayPal. That’s a way that you can help.

We’re slowly going to be able to pull our cash if you donate electronically. They’re being optimistic about getting us to get cell towers up and running.

It’s currently Sunday when I picked up this saved post again. Things are slowly escalating. We don’t have cops at gas stations anymore, it’s graduated to Military personnel. Most flights are being cancelled. I can scarcely communicate. I’m under the mercy of there being wifi.

I have so many photos. I haven’t been able to upload anything. My friend in WA tells me that he hasn’t heard anything about Maria. He hasn’t heard from his mom or his family. I can’t reach them myself.

My grandmother breaks my heart. She’s suffering from Alzheimer’s and it is just…it’s hard. I have to remind her constantly that there is no service, there is no water, that she can’t go home and tend to things. Her cleaning lady isn’t going to come right away to tend to her house,  my dad will handle things when he can (if he can), and that there wasn’t any mass today. She has no real concept of what’s going on. She thinks she can go home and stay there all day. Grandmother complains that dad isn’t answering her calls and we all have to remind her that it’s because she has no service.

It’s difficult. My aunt is so patient with her. I have to laugh so I don’t cry. It’s so hard to deal with. She still insists she’s gonna go home. She still is inviting me to stay with her. She’s slipping away. My great aunt was a ghost of herself before we lost her. It’s heartbreaking.

I’m at a loss. It’s so dangerous to be out and about. I’m going home tomorrow and this time I’ll stay there. But it’s a long road ahead.

Thankfully I don’t have to work until Friday. For now. But I’m doubtful the curfew will be lifted with so much going on still. People are looting docked ships now. They’re showing off their weapons and I am terrified.

I’ll probably seldom leave the apartment when I get back but this time I’m emotionally prepared.

For the most part.

(I’ll keep posting as much as I can)

I’m gonna go into more details slowly. This whole thing is a process.


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