Day Eleven: Maria, Maria~

So Hurricane Maria is almost here. It’s expected to start affecting the island as early as 8pm tonight. Now the problem is how badly it’s going to hit us. It’s already devastated Dominique and it’s projected that we could be without power in various parts of the island for at least a month.

This is terrible and it is definitely something that really hurts. I would have to adapt by traveling to work in uber daily. This will be so much out of pocket.

I know you’re reading this and thinking ‘Work? How can you possibly think of work right now?’ I work for a private company. They’ve already told us they projected to open late Thursday. I don’t have much of a choice. Sadly, that is my main source of income and I can’t do much else about it.

I tried my hand at freelance and got scammed twice. I kinda gave up on that. I’d love to be a writer, be creative but I’m limited so much at this time. With all of this going on I’m even more limited.

I’m safe at the moment and I will be surrounded well for the time being. Anxiety about work is just absolutely brutalizing me though. I mean, will we open? How will I get there? How are the roads going to be? Where should I go after work? It’s so stressful.

I’ll try and keep everyone as updated as possible. Hurricane Irma countdown continues.

Michi out!


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