Day One: Journey to Japan Begins

Okay, so I had a productive last week. I did a lot of things that I’d been meaning to do and while my roomie suffered a few headaches because of my anxiety, I would say quite a few hurdles were toppled. I still can’t believe I have an organized corner of my room and tossed out some garbage from the closet. GO ME!

Anyway, I’m starting something that I plan to stick to this time. A little back story before I continue…

I got into anime when I was about 13. My cousin was into Yu-Gi-Oh! and I wanted to bond with him a little more so I bothered to learn about it. From there it slowly stemmed into Naruto(CRINGE), Bleach, Fruits Basket, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha(EVEN MORE CRINGE), from there it delved into fanfiction and even Jpop. I watched a lot of anime and read a lot of manga in high school before carrying that love all the way into college and still now. Though I barely read manga anymore. I need to go back to Prince of Tennis and actually finish that one!

I got into Kpop later, after I finished High School and I’m more into Kpop than I am into Jpop lately. Seoul is part of the ideal trip I’d like to make but honestly, I really wanna go to Japan more than Seoul.

From there I wanted to go to Japan. First I wanted to do ESL after I finally finished college but I just never got around to it. I wasn’t in a good place and it would’ve meant dragging someone halfway across the world for them to stay home all day while I worked. No way. That was a sinkhole.

Now I’m almost 30(next year is the big birthday) and I still haven’t made it. So that’s where this plan comes in. I wanna get to Japan for my next birthday. I’m already starting by setting aside money in my savings account. I plan to do this regularly.

I’m going to blog/vlog every step of the way. My anxieties, my downs, and my ups. I’m going to get to Japan for my 30th birthday.

So there you have it. Day one. If you’d like to come along for the ride or wanna provide any sort of positive support, I’m always active on social media.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow.

Michi out!


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