The Fangirl Diaries: My Nightwing Movie Wishlist

So, I’ve said it on the Spanish Language Podcast Legalmente Nerd many times over that we needed a Nightwing in this DC Cinematic universe. Not so much as a saving grace(though if Wonder Woman doesn’t do what people want it to might as well dammit) but as a good place to bring in fans and secure a bigger audience.

Now that the movie’s official, I’ve got a few wishlist items that I’d like to see on the big screen. Granted, probably very few people will read this but a girl can dream that this gets to the powers that be…no?

  • GET ME THAT BOOTY: Ok, it’s been established more than once that Dick has a nice ass. It’s a recurring gag, it’s how he gets recognized(I spent over ten minutes trying to find that Owlman panel from Grayson) and all that jazz. So of course, when it comes to casting, you have to consider that the actor has a decent booty and just make a small note of it. It doesn’t have to be a huge deal, just a mention is enough.
  • His healthy relationships: This isn’t Bruce, this is a guy who was raised by Bruce and Alfred along with his surroundings. He learned to respect women and he has meaningful relationships with them. I used to joke he was a serial monogomist because of how big is catalog of exes is…and they’re all friends with him.
  • Puns: as much as it pains me sometimes, Dick likes puns. He thinks he’s punny and it’s all right. I allow it. It’s just a part of his sense of humor and he’s had this since he was a kid! So yes, bring me the puns.
  • BRING ON THE TEAM UPS: Dick has friends, lots of them. You can give me a ten minute scene with Wally and Dick being idiots and I’ll love you a long time. Show me character development with Babs, Oliver or even (most preferably) Superman and it’ll be a hit. Bring me Jason Blood even. Dick is friendly, this is definitely something that has to be shown.
  • FUN TIMES: This guy is chummy, this guy is funny(or punny rather). If you force me a dark filter and dark themes in the goddamn movie for no reason, there will be HELL. TO. PAY. I don’t demand this movie to be all sunshine and rainbows, come on that isn’t realistic. I don’t mind a dark edge or angst plotline but if you toss one in to be ‘edgy’ or ‘fit the mold’…screw you. Nightwing isn’t Batman, their movies have to be different.

These are some bullet points that I felt like highlighting for what I’d like to see in a Nightwing movie. You can call me a rabid fangirl and you’d be right, he’s my favorite hero and he deserves to be treated with respect regardless of my fangirlish rambles or not. We had a Wonder Woman movie that treated Diana with respect…our bootylucious Boy Wonder deserves it too.

All right, I think I made my point.

Michi out!

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