About that Special Surprise I got from Ubisoft

I bought AC Unity. I’ve mentioned this more than once. I found out recently that the season pass includes a free game from Ubisoft if you were one of the people to buy it before the free game promotion started. Well, while I was working on getting my club nintendo account working again, I noticed the redemption email in my inbox. I opened it and was stunned to see that this was legit!

Out of the selection of games available, one of them was quickly discarded. Why would I get Black Flag for the Xbox One when I still have my 360 copy? So that one was out. The other game options left me thinking about what I would really enjoy playing. I ended up getting Just Dance 2015 for free!! Woo!

I’d been meaning to buy the game regardless of being more partial to the Dance Central franchise because my sister enjoys Just Dance more. I already told her that the game’s installed so it’s all a matter of her coming over to play with me.

I manged to play a couple of songs earlier and I forgot how colorful the interface is. I made my avatar card, using the Lobster from ‘Rock Lobster’ from an earlier Just Dance game.

I didn’t play long though, I was in my pajamas, no way was I going to be sharing my gameplay online with the community. I did play around with that element tonight though. Already posted up my contribution to the community mash up, let’s see how that goes!

I’ll probably babble on more on this game later. I just felt like getting a post up today about my little misadventure with that. Oh! I also purchased some gamed for the 3ds, that’ll also come later! Woo! Finally got around the whole PR credit cards not working. Later!


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