Tales of a Glitched out DL Sea Monster…

Well, I know I mentioned previously I was going to talk about Overdrive and the game’s great. I recently played through the ending and the DLC to find out that it was actually shorter than I anticipated. The new weapons I haven’t bought all of them, or tested them out. The name of the monster is part of the title of this post, witty gamer humor. Well, puns.

I tried to take care of the damn beast this past Monday unfortunately, I could not. The game glitched out.


While I’m trying to kick his ass in his esophagus, I kept mashing the living daylights of the button and even asked Javi and Jean-karlo to take a whack at it and couldn’t even make a dent in the mother. I even risked my controller’s safety by using the old pen trick. It helped me back in the day with Starfox Adventures. Props if you remember what part I’m talking about too.

I went at this beast with tentacles that looks like a mantis…of all things, and gave up after half an hour, saddened because my game had glitched out.

Took another crack at it last night and finally killed the thing. I was even more sad to find out that was it. The DLC was over. While the content was entertaining, I felt like it was too short almost. I still have things to get in the game, which means I’m probably going to delve around a little more.

Out of the main cast and all of the factions, I have to say, I’ve been seriously taken with Bryllcream. I’ve probably spelled his name wrong but damn, that Troop Leader is resilient and tough. Plus, he has a mecha suit! Come on!! His expressions are also some of the best one’s I’ve seen designed in an NPC for the longest time. Totally love him.

Also, that one cheerleader form ‘Las Catrinas’, the main one. Puerto Rican? Her accent seemed way too off to me. Then again, I don’t have a notable accent when I speak English so… Her use of cabron was highly appropriate though. I’ll give them that much.

It’s been a thing that I’ve completely abandoned Assassin’s Creed for this game. I need to give Arno time but as much as I’ve enjoyed playing with him, the entire story’s falling a little short without any real world aspect to tie in. Not even Shaun being there motivates me to keep it going. His wit is still fantastic though.

Regardless. back to Sunset Overdrive, the game is fantastic and super enjoyable. The mechanics are interesting, the challenges are all actually a task that can be daunting. A lot of the characters are well thought out. The Fargathians are my favorite character faction (Scott Menville aside), because they’re crazy and so into their LARP campaign. Laura nails it as Wendy. The also have the best jokes in game. The weapons are the most creative thing I’ve seen in the longest time too. TNTeddy? GENIUS. EFFING GENIUS. IT SHOOTS GRENADE TEDDY BEARS. The ending leaves much to be said but in a good way. It’s keeping me hopeful for a sequel. Let’s hope they can deliver.

Do I recommend it? Oh totally! The breaking of the fourth wall makes it even better! Is the season pass worth it? Not to me at the moment. Nope.

All right, that’s enough about this game. Onward to playing more assassin’s creed!


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