Going back to ACUnity

Well, since I recently finished the DLC content of Sunset Overdrive, I decided to finally give Arno and Assassins Creed Unity more time. You know, to see if I finally finished it.

Well, I made progress but I made it to the endgame nowhere near close to finished. As much as I tried, that mission at the castle was draining me of the last of my patience, which I’d lost most of earlier in the game while trying to not get caught by guards at the execution of the king.

I don’t even know how to explain it, the drunken Arno is funny at first. But dealing with how painful it is for hungover Arno to use eagle vision. I’m even trying to not use it while I’m working on the mission. It’s giving me a headache.

I actually have a bit of a bone to pick about Élise, they went through all of this trouble of animating her and they could’ve spread some of that to Arno. Hell they could’ve probably made her the protagonist. I’ve seen Arno glitch more than once and I have yet to see that with Élise. Huh. Go figure.

I was also having issues with my initiates data (it’s gone missing, Thanks Ubi) but it seems that the game has finally gotten that in order and my chests are actually opening. I’ve gotten a few more outfits since the last time I tried opening chests. Don’t even get me started on that companion app. Ugh. Data resets left and right. All for Altaïr’s costume. I can do without. I’m not a hyper completionist anyway.

I will say that I did have fun with the Helix stuff that you gather. I’ve read the memos and stuff and I did enjoy the real world hacks in Black Flag. I miss them in this game… Oh well.

I’m going to take another whack at Unity tonight. Hopefully I’ll finally finish it. I’m probably going to get the Saints Row four bundle next. Most likely.

That’s all for now. Michi out!


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