Moved in and almost settled…

Over this past weekend, Javi and I moved into our new place. Initially I was going to go see my dad up in his house in Fajardo but sadly, due to bad weather, it was better off to stay in the metro area and finish the move(regardless of rain showers).

We spent the night here in the new place and practically all of Sunday I spent it with spending quality time with Arno and then at night some more Lego Batman 3(more on that later).

This week I’ve been making not only the commute to get to work from a place a little farther than where I was staying. I’ve also been taking the beau to his job as well since with the weather and the impending protest and halting of public transportation due to another tax they want to implement in gas…well…you get the idea.

While everyone’s been all busy preparing for Black Friday sales and such, I’ve just been preparing for the few things I’m going to buy in the Disney Store online. More Tsum Tsums!!!!

I am planning of spending more time with Arno but coming out of work I’ve been a bit drained from wanting to play games and just write. I’ve worked on a couple of things but my big pet project I’ve been working very little with. I’m gunning to go back to it, I just need more things to add instead of just going through time jumps. The beginning of the third part was already planned out and the end of the second one but I first need the things to get there. I’m going for it! I’m going to do it!!!

All right, I think that’s enough catch up for now. Gaming posts are coming. Like how me and my mediocre Japanese is struggling through playing Tales of Link and that Hello Pro live thingy. That Hello! Pro game is an idol simulator? I think. I don’t know. I have screenshots too. Those are coming with the posts! Promises!



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