I love the Lego Batman games. I got the first one with my console, I got the second one with my sisters. Lego Batman 3 was announced and I was all over that. I did not hesitate on getting it, especially after finding out that the game was going to bring you a little tiny Plastic Man figure!

Took those old five dollars from Luigi’s Mansion from a few years, dusted them off and into the Lego Batman game they went!

I’ve been playing the game with people and have enjoyed every single minute of it! I’ve gotten two save files opened up. One’s been used with my little sister and the other one is being used with Jean Karlo. Javi’s also getting his own save file, the last one out of the four probably won’t be used at all. Probably.

Do I mind starting the story over so many times? Nope.

I do find it weird I’ve done very little free play before completing the story. I’ve been able to get a couple of characters and also processed a few red brick purchases from the ones that were already unlocked.

The mini characters cheat has had me laughing so hard I’ve cried. I love it!

I also liked the fact that you don’t have to jump around to change suits anymore! UGH, FINALLY. It’s a clicky wheel. it’s fantastic.

The cast is excellent. I’ve enjoyed all of the voice acting and I can’t wait to finish the game. I’m going to play some more this weekend and I’m super excited! Regardless, more on the game later, I just wanted to do a little blog post about the first impressions. Woo! More later!


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