Of Fangirling over Troy Baker…

I’ve been having a terrible week. Things have been rough for the past couple of days and it’s been also because Javi and I have been having the hardest time prepping the big stuff to move. This weekend is dad’s birthday and I’m going up to see him and also this Saturday is the only day that we could probably move my bed and stuff. I’d been also worried out of my mind since there hadn’t been an official date for Grandpa’s surgery until yesterday afternoon. December 16th is the day.

So, I end my shift on a tired note. Long calls, heave queue, I just wanted to go home and play video games or something. I check my phone and find an onslaught of messages from Becki to find out that the Troy Baker was finally coming to our island for Comic Con next year.


I couldn’t help myself. I started squealing, screaming. This is huge, almost as huge as when I met Henry a couple of years ago. I have so much stuff I want him to sign. It’s like…I have to make a priority of what I want his signature on. I’m probably going to haul that Arkham Origins Joker figure for him to sign. I want that thing to have his mark. Like…I need him to sign it. 

There I go, fangirling. Troy Baker is like, the top of my favorite voice actors. He’s up there, with Yuri and Travis. I can’t wait to meet him!

I thought my Troy fangirling deserved it’s own post. He’s just amazing. My list of things he’s on is ridiculous…I can’t wait for comic con next year! I’m totally regretting not getting the VIP multipass but I wanted to make sure of who the VA was because I did not want to spend that much money on a pass like that and not have an actor I’m passionate (aka fangirl) for come in. I’m like that.

Okay, it’s 11 now. I’m going to have to cut this here as much as I want to continue on talking about everything I want him to sign! Regardless, another post will go up in a while about Lego Batman 3(which Troy’s on, :P) and it’s vast improvement over any other Lego game I’ve ever played.


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