Chikungunya and recovery

I’ve been sick since last week with the chikungunya. I left the office due to stomach issues, turns out that I got a huge rash and then late at night the joint pain hit. I ended up going to mom’s bed and staying for the rest of the night. Spent all Thursday in bed, finally got some sleep early Saturday morning after leaving the emergency room. Got the two injections on my tuckus to prove it.

I hate needles.

It was worse to hear that Norb was agreeing to the needles on my behalf. I screeched for a little but once they were done, I felt no pain and my rash was gone. Granted, it was gone until yesterday, when it started coming back.

While I’m still recovering from the chikungunya, I’m worried about my grandfather. He’s in the hospital right now with a mixture of that, dengue and something else. On top of that, his kidneys are acting up…which he was really nice to not tell anyone in the family about. I’m super worried. He hadn’t told us at all until the problem came up now.

I want him to get better. I really want him to. I need distractions. I’ll go back to my special thingy.


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