Of lunch breaks and more chikungunya

I’m currently having lunch at church’s chicken. I really wanted that chicken. I didn’t want more rice considering how much of it I downed while on that Low fat diet to deal with my sickness.

Grandpa has been showing real good signs of improvement. He was really talkative over the weekend when I went to see him. Told him about the baseball post season and he was hanging on to every word I said. That was definitely a big relief.

Today has just been really weird. I blame the fact that it’s Monday. I think I’ll keep using that as an excuse.

I don’t know if I mentioned in the post before last. I got an xbone finally. I’m so happy. I love it. I’ve also been playing destiny every chance I get. I also bought dance central spotlight, which I can’t wait to pick up again. I love dancing games. I’m such a music freak.

In my own chikungunya recovery I’ve been feeling better. A lot less tired now. My muscle aches are minimal for now but I’ve been warned it could get bad for the next year or so.

Lastly, I’m upset that I didn’t get to see the season finale of witches of east end last night. I totally wanted to see it but apparently Javi’s direct TV doesn’t have lifetime. I couldn’t see it on the guide for the life of me. But thankfully I didn’t miss the CSI episode. I thought I missed half of it, got lucky and was able to see the whole thing.

That’s it for now I guess…lunch break is more than half over and I have to drive to the building now to park. I really wish I could park all day now.


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