Of dancing urges and bagel bites.

I got home from work a while ago and had some bagel bites for dinner. First time in the longest time I eat some of those. Mom and I shared a box while we watched the last of tonight’s ‘Project Runway’ episode. Little sis ain’t gonna be happy to see that her favorite designer is out. I feel for her, but I’m happy Amanda’s still in.

I’ve been holding in this huge urge to just bust a move and dance. I haven’t been able to find a space to my liking actually. I need, well…want rather, a place with full length mirrors so I can see the steps completely. I mean, I know what I’m doing, but I want to make sure that the positions are right. It’s a precision thing.

Sadly, the only ‘open’ dance rooms that I know of are both in my old college campus and they’re locked. Had a friend check. So I’m pretty much stuck with no place to really look at myself dance. Meh. I’ll eventually figure something out. I can’t really just…well, I can bust a move practically anywhere, but it’s not necessarily a good idea.

I picked up Yoshi’s New Island again today. Died twice while trying to clear the last castle in the fourth world. I’ll get back into the swing of things soon. I like that game too much. It’ll get its proper post soon enough. I’d like to finish it first. I like that this game keeps track of the lives I’ve stacked up too.

T-ara’s MV also recently came out. I really don’t like ‘Sugar Free’. It’s just…T-ara reached that point a long time ago for me where every song sounds exactly like the last one. Or worse, what the last one should’ve sounded like. No bueno. The dance to me is also pretty crummy. I know that T-ara’s basically got the ‘one’ dance step and then a couple of other things tossed in but I do not see ‘Sugar Free’ becoming a dance craze anytime soon. I would’ve made a post on this but I just would’ve dedicated too much time ranting about their past couple of songs too. Nah. Not worth it.

I’m really looking forward to that new DiVA song though. I’m sad they’re disbanding within the year…then again, it’s to be expected after two years of inactivity…oh well, enough for now, Michi out!


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