Second Gen Recommendations: OST Gems

I’ve never been able to get into K-dramas. I have plenty of friends who have and love watching them. Just because I don’t watch K-Dramas, doesn’t mean I don’t listen to some OST songs by my favorite artists. In this Second Gen Recs post, I’m going to introduce you to some of my favorite OST songs by K-Pop artists.

Chobyeol – Heechul (Loving You A Thousand Times)

This song is a gem. This song is Heechul’s first solo OST song, and it’s a beautiful sweeping ballad that for me still holds all these years later. His voice in this is magnificent and while my best friend raved about the drama, Heechul is one of her main biases, I was listening to this on a loop.

Success – Super Junior (HIT)

This is not going to be a full SuJu post, I promise you. It’s just that these are some of the first ones that come to my head. I’m a sucker for strings, and the arrangement in this track is very well executed. We have the guys serving us solid vocals, while Donghae gives us great rap lines with his husky voice.

Superstar – Ailee, Hyolyn, Jiyeon (Dream High 2)

This song came out and blew people out of the water with its vocals. I find myself randomly jamming to this in the car, taking over Ailee’s lines, and feeling a little bit like a diva. Hyolyn and Ailee have a full-on belt out battle during the last few seconds of the track to further drive the point that these women can sing.

Cupid (Acoustic Version) – Girl’s Day (City Hunter)

This song is adorable, and when taken down to the basics in the acoustic version, much better than the original. I love this song so much. It still holds to this day, with the girls serving beautiful bare vocals. I know the drama was really hyped up while it was airing, but I was more focused on this song than the show.

Saranghaeyo – Taeyeon (Athena: Goddess of War)

Taeyeon is known to deliver amazing vocals, and this ballad is no exception. I remember that the drama was extremely hyped up due to the cast and it’s plot, but what I loved was this ballad from the first part of the soundtrack. It’s got a beautiful string arrangement, with Taeyeon’s voice being the star. It’s an emotional ballad that still holds to this day.

Ijeonna – After School (Lights and Shadows OST)

This song dropped by the end of 2011, ending After School’s most active year with a bang. The girls brought solid vocals with a retro-sounding track to fit the retro-drama. The K-Drama featured Pledis labelmate, Son Dam Bi, a match made in Drama heaven.

*BONUS TAIWANESE Drama song* This is Love – Super Junior’s Donghae feat. Henry (Skip Beat!)

I had to find a way to fit Henry in here, didn’t I? 🤣🤣 (I would’ve added It’s You, but that song was super well streamed when it was released so…)

This song was my favorite song off the Skip Beat! Taiwanese drama. It’s mellow, adorable, and features soft vocals to match. It’s an adorable song that fit the few sweet moments of the drama I managed to see while it was hyped. Skip Beat! is a manga that I love and uh, need to finish.

I need to put that on my to-do list.

Thanks so much for reading this far! Until next time.

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