SuJu Drops Playlists, Highlighting Some of Their Best B-Sides

I was going to make a post series on K-pop B-sides and then Super Junior goes ahead and starts dropping playlists on their channel. For a second I thought it was some fan-account but no, it’s actually them.

Only these dorks, I swear.

I’m going to briefly go over each playlist and the first one I’m going to go over is their ‘Critical Sensual’ Songs by Super Junior, (this was what it translated to for me) and I’m only disappointed at one detail.


So this playlist actually covered some songs I wasn’t expecting to see, like Heads Up from their latest album repackage. HOWEVER, seeing Midnight Blues from their seventh album was priceless. Midnight Blues is a stand-out gem from Mamacita and I highly recommend it. I was ecstatic to see that 나쁜 여자 (Boom Boom) from Bonamana made it onto the list because it is a song that has aged well over the years.

Shirt being on the list was an obvious choice but seeing two tracks off their third album on here was *chef’s kiss*. Club No.1 is a song that I absolutely loved but 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)!? OH MY LORD. Aside from Neorago and Why I like You, that was another song I absolutely played the ever living crap out of from Sorry Sorry.

All in all, a solid playlist. Some of the songs picked for this playlist were just perfect, others to me are a little questionable.

Soft and Sweet playlist? Beautiful. I absolutely loved all the choices. A B-side from here that made me emotional to see was Shining Star from their third album, a track that deserves so much love because of how cute the lyrics are. Haru from SPY (sixth album repackage) is also an adorable soft gem that I appreciated to see on here that you should definitely check out.

As a little side note, there are two versions of My All Is In You in SJ’s discography. Personally I love the SJM version more, but the first version released was the one in Bonamana, which you’ll find on this playlist.

Youthful and Free?! You sure SuJu? Some of these made me emotional. 🤣

Miracle is a sight for sore eyes. A SuJu classic. Seeing Good Day for a Good Day brought a huge grin to my face because it is my favorite song out of their album Play. Donghae absolutely shines in this track and I never fail to feel good when I listen to this song.

Disco Drive and Sapphire Blue bring back giggles and flashbacks from one of their Super Show performances, two nostalgic b-sides from their second album Don’t Don. Highly recommend these two.

Happy Together?! HAPPY TOGETHER?! YES. YES. Seeing this song on this playlist made me remember how timeless their third album is. Sorry Sorry/Neorago is an album that is classic due to so many memorable B-sides. I’ve practically flooded this post with them.

Power Dance songs?! All Bops. All amazing. Enough said. Most of these are title tracks for the few exceptions. I find it hilarious that SPY made it onto this playlist considering how much SuJu hates this song. 🤣🤣

They played the original version of U on this playlist too. In more recent years and performances, Super Junior has been using the instrumental for the SJM version that has more EDM and violin weaved into the track.

Sad and Emotional songs playlist took a steamroller through my emotions. This playlist carries a lot of SJ. K. R. Y. songs, which means there’s power vocals all around from Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.

Dorothy is one of those songs from their Special Album that I barely see anyone talk about. This song’s lyrics are sweet, making obvious references to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Islands was great from Mamacita, having it flow into Evanesce was a smart move.

Neorago is on this playlist, be warned. It’s right after the emotionally taxing Evanesce. It comes with little warning to rip your heart out.

Sorry Sorry – Answer feels a little out of place for me in this playlist because I find it to be more sensual than sad. Especially with Eunhyuk and Donghae’s raps near the end of the song.

Daydream is an excellent, soft ballad that was featured in their sixth album and it deserves love. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart from Mr. Simple is another track that has aged well, featuring a solid performance by K.R.Y.

Closing out this playlist we have Mirror from Don’t Don, very solid. Let’s Not… from Sorry Sorry, flowing into Love Disease from the repackaged album. These two songs as closers are amazing b-side ballads to check out and I’m glad they were featured.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you enjoyed my fangirling over the Super Junior playlists. It was great to look through these to find the b-side tracks to recommend. Now, this definitely cancels the Super Junior post idea, but it doesn’t stop me from the SJM one, which I’m now eager to write up.

Thanks so much for reading, until next time!

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