SuJu’s ‘Neorago’ – Eleven Years Later…

It’s been eleven years since this was released and I still cannot get over it.

This song dropped on June 8th, 2009 as part of Version C of Super Junior’s third album. I remember having some sort of disdain for my birthday, to which some people said I shouldn’t. A friend said what would it take for me to appreciate my birthday and I said, get me ‘Sorry Sorry, Version C’ from Super Junior and I’ll consider it. My best friend totally helped me out and sent him the link.

He ended up ordering Version A instead, but the thought meant a lot to me. It’s my first K-pop album, and I hold it with a special place in my heart. I ended up getting Version C a few years later as well because the packaging for that album was just amazing.

Back to the song. It’s hard to put into words sometimes how this feels when I listen to it. I know it sounds pretty sad to say, but I’ve had some good romantic frustration cries to this song. The lyrics have always been deep, about a love that feels so strong that it transcends time.

Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you

Tick tock, tick tock, even as time goes by, oh I!

It’s the second K-pop dance I’ve ever learned as well. Not entirely, but most of it. I still remember bits and pieces of the chorus because of how much I practiced it.

It’s weird to say still that my favorite K-pop song of all time doesn’t have Henry in it since he was a unit member at the time. Henry’s solo work is definitely some of my more repeated tracks nowadays but, there was an impact that Neorago did in 2009. That year is hailed among many second-generation fans (myself included) as one of the best years in K-pop because of how many memorable hits were released.

This is one of those K-Pop songs that has remained on my list for years and it is still one of the first tracks I always recommend to people. Sure, not many people gravitate to SuJu as much as they did back in the day, but I appreciate those boys so much. They’re still the ultimate group in my multi-stan heart.

Funny story, my first Super Junior core group comeback was Bonamana in 2010 but before that, I actually witnessed the Super Junior M comeback with Super Girl in September 2009…

That should’ve been my first clue that Henry was gonna end up being my ultimate and not a bias wrecker…

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