Moving and a Fresh Start

Just a minor update post after being MIA for a while.

The Pandemic brought a lot of different things in my life. More recently, there have been even more dramatic changes in my life. I’m currently working on the most tedious one…

Moving to a new place.

There’s still a lot of packing to do. Yesterday I worked on getting most of my planner stuff sorted into boxes. The day before yesterday, I spent time packing up my K-pop albums. I realized I have a lot of Super Junior stuff, and I most definitely need add more recent albums to my collection once I can afford it.

First things first, finding a job.

It’s hard when the local market treats a call center job as cheap labor. Especially considering how stressful it is in the first place. Driven by metrics, having to exceed them at all times, is not the right type of environment for a person who suffers from anxiety. The pay is lousy as well. A bilingual call-center job paying $8 an hour for a temporary contract, no benefits, and no guaranteed job after the contract is over?

No thanks. I’ll find my own path.

I can’t wait to settle into the new place. It’s going to look amazing, and I already have so many plans for my room. I’ll have a bigger room this time around, thank goodness.

A fresh start. Sounds nice after this insane year.

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