New F.O. – A K-Pop Second Gen Debut That Feels Like A Fever Dream

I have been a K-Pop fan since 2009. Well, that year is when I got deep into it. I remember hearing ‘Endless Moment’ by Super Junior often before that. With that said, I’ve witnessed a bunch of K-Pop debuts. I missed a few due to various life events, but that’s not the point I’m looking to make here.

Back in 2011, almost ten years ago, 6theory decided to work EnterArts Global to create a K-pop group. If 6theory sounds familiar to you, it’s because it’s the parent company for AllKpop. (Ew) They somehow thought it was a brilliant idea since they had now become a ‘legitimate’ (HAHAHAHA) K-pop news site, they could definitely make something *amazing* happen.

They said the project has been ‘in the makings for years,’ when they made the exclusive announcement on the AllKPop website. It seemed mildly suspicious that they’d been working on this for years since one of the members, JN had left Girl’s Day in 2010. 6theory was founded in 2007 and there’s not a lot of information for EnterArts online at all to establish a timeline.

New F. O. flopped majestically to the point where it feels like a fever dream to those who were there to witness it.

There were two problems with the group. The first one being that 6theory was behind it, so everyone immediately flocked to call it ‘AllKpop’s Girl Group.’ There were people, like myself, who were complete skeptics because of issues that the site AKP has not addressed. Aside from a terribly toxic comment section that has not changed in years, they’re also no strangers to click-bait and posting things that made them look like a gossip rag instead of a news site. (more on that another time)

Aside from the nasal voices and the absurd amount of auto-tune, the track isn’t terrible. This is where problem number two comes in.

‘Bounce’ sounded too much like a few other songs that came out in 2011. Which is what multi fans kept commenting under the video, the articles, and everything else. There were comparisons to 2NE1’s ‘I am the Best,’ but the similarity that seemed to be bothering AKP the most had to do with the following song.

I can’t remember off the top of my head how many times I read and discussed with people how I felt like I was listening to 4Minute’s ‘Mirror Mirror’ again. People accused them of plagiarism, but I think the comments kept getting removed if you dared to mention it.

The group performed a few times, and then they suddenly vanished.

Like the Tales of game over screens say…

‘And they were never heard from again…’

Sounds really mean when I put it that way, but the group disappeared. A blip in the 2011 debut scene. A fever dream for those who were there to see it. Certainly, a blemish that AKP is never going to talk about ever again.

I’m sure not going to.

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