On the Eve of a Nameless Storm

So tomorrow night we’re supposed to see a new Tropical Storm that is still nameless. All news outlets report to expect flooding, and a heck of a lot of rain.

First thing I’m expecting?

For the power to go out yet again with just a soft wind.

I always laugh at how the power company insists that they’re ready for these storms and hurricanes when it’s not even close. During the preparedness conference, they lost power while on a generator. The company’s a joke, they charge too much. Considering that today’s gone by with people progressively losing their power, it’s baffling how they still think they’re ready.

Post Hurricane Maria, the only reason Old San Juan got power when it did was because of the people dispatched to help us out. They took over, fixing the problems, setting up new light posts because the old ones were rotten deep inside. What did our employees tell them when these angels told them?

‘Meh, leave it like that, it’ll hold longer.’

Of course, because the resources go elsewhere. Follow the money, as usual.

I’m just hoping tomorrow goes by and it’s not as bad as it feels. Every storm worries me because I’m not ready for another hurricane. I don’t think I’d be able to manage to survive all of that again.

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