Division 2 New Expansion Trailer: Thoughts and Reactions

Spoiler alert for the first game. You have been warned.

So not that long ago, there was a full reveal tailer for the new Divison 2 expansion that’s coming up fast on March 3rd.

They gave a Keener a makeover. I swear. He didn’t look anything like that in the first game. Not that I remember. Then again, he barely had a face in the first place. He was just the voice in the audio tapes that you’d have to hunt for. One of them was locked up in a room until you got to the endgame.

This game is Carlos’s favorite game. I enjoy this more for the lore than anything else. I think the story is fascinating, interesting, and I’ve been suckered in for the past couple of years.

Now we go back to New York for this expansion and I’m very much looking forward to it. While the original year 1 pass lacked, this expansion certainly looks a bit more promising. It also feels like they’re revamping the game altogether.

Took them long enough. It feels like Division 1 all over again. I remember how the game became virtually unplayable at a certain point. Even under cover, enemies could do whatever they wanted with you, wipes were all too common.

Since the release of Episode 3, Destiny has taken a bit of a backseat so I could go back to this. I honestly do miss Destiny 2 a little, especially with that teaser cutscene for what’s next, but a break is always needed every now and then.

Can’t wait to go back to New York to hunt down Keener and put an end to his chaos once and or all…or will we? I have no idea, and that excites me.

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