Fangirl Diaries: Henry’s Sweet Collab with Atelier Cologne

This man is gonna be the death of me. I swear.

He just likes to randomly go ‘OH HEY I’M GONNA DROP SOME TUNES IN A FEW DAYS’.

While I’m here for it, my fangirl heart is trying to recover from SuJu’s repackage and then Hobi’s Outro also releasing.

February has been too good to K-pop. Please continue.

So the song is sweeter than I initially anticipated. It’s got a trap hook but it’s melodic with the added violin. I just about lost my mind when I saw him playing the violin again. His dimples are also pure sunshine, aside from the energy that’s just pouring out of him.

I’m actually enjoying this tune a lot more than his last single. While I did enjoy them, this one has that violin that takes you on a sweet journey with him. It’s a soft, lively jive that whisks you into his smooth voice.

The single drops tomorrow morning for me, or tonight in Korea at 6PM.

I can’t wait to loop this non-stop throughout the rest of the week. I have to say that while I’m totally PUMPED for KARD’s ‘Red Moon’, it’s not as huge for me as a song from my utlimate bias.

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