The Thrill of the Step

Nope, not a DDR Post. I already talked about that some months ago.

I’m going to ramble on a little about what I did last night.

After some debating and my daily Duolingo lesson (75 days strong. Holy crap.), I decided to get up off my gaming chair and try to learn Lion.

Let me tell you that the slowed down video I found helped a lot.

I’ve been saying countless times how much I miss dancing and how much I want to get back into it. Then that little depression monster comes back, says ‘why bother?’, and I stop altogether.

Last night I didn’t care. I got my bum off the chair and I pushed through it.

I tried everything to get the steps. I started adding counts to the song in an effort to get it to stick. It worked on some steps, didn’t work on others. I spent more time trying to get ahead of myself in what I was learning. Back when I was in college I picked up things a lot faster.

That was because I was dancing more often so muy muscle memory and reaction times were spot on. I managed to learn Miss A’s ‘Breathe’ in just a couple of hours.

Now I’m not that in tune with myself. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I want to actually learn a dance. All of this in an effort to try and get back to learning them fast, not so much about the weight loss aspect.

I have thought about filming my journey as I learn a dance. I’m not going to do it with Lion. I need to feel more comfortable with myself, with my own skin, before I start putting myself on camera again. Definitely open to the idea though.

Maybe tonight I’ll spend some more time at it again. I really did enjoy the thrill again of actually getting my body to move the way I needed it to. That sounds really stupid, I know, but after so many years and feeble attempts at trying to be confident while dancing…I think I’m on that track again.

This time I will make it stick.

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