Enter the Florpus – Nostalgia with all the Right Notes

I didn’t watch Invader Zim when it first aired. I actually would try to avoid it. I didn’t like the art, I didn’t understand it.

Some years later, Hot Topic mania happened and everyone wanted as much Gir merch as possible. I had friends who talked highly of the show. One even got me the whole boxed set of the series to watch for my Birthday. He gave it to me earlier than planned because someone stole my Zune while it was plugged into my laptop.

Yes, I had a Zune. Though it’s clearly not the point of this post.

I enjoyed the series after I watched it. Found myself quoting it often and joined along with my friends in talking about it.

So when I heard it was coming back, I totally lost my mind. The teasers were true to form. My thoughts were hopeful as I really wanted it to stick to the formula that made the show enjoyable in the first place.

I’d been meaning to watch the Netflix special for months now and the other night, I finally sat down to see it while I was making some earrings.

From the beginning I was laughing. This made me definitely optimistic about what was going to happen.

The special did not disappoint me at all. It made references to the show, yes, but there was enough content where you didn’t have to see the original show to get some of the jokes. It followed most of the pattern we’d seen on the show.

I loved seeing the new designs for everyone across the board. Dib’s dad was as annoying as ever. There was plenty of Gir to be had and enough screaming Zim for me to feel like I was back watching the original show. Needless to say, spoiler alert for the video below.

This was an enjoyable watch. I definitely recommend it if you were a fan of the original show. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I feel like re-watching it already.

Until next time!

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