I’ve been waiting for this past Monday for the longest time. Forty two days to be precise. The music video dropped yesterday and it was exactly what I thought it was going to be.

They’re all dorks. This video showcases that side of them even more than everything else they’ve already done this comeback. I absolutely loved the added Heechul in it too. I’d been hearing this album since Monday and the ‘SJ Funky’ vibes are strong with this one. Heechul had mentioned he’d be doing limited activities so it was extra special to see him in the music video.

This song has definitely been one of the ones I’ve put on repeat the most from this album. It’s catchy, it’s simple, it’s energetic, and it follows that fantastic ‘SJ Funky’ formula that I haven’t heard in a while. ‘Black Suit’ wasn’t so much like this. Let’s also not forget the heavy Latin music influences in ‘Lo Siento’ and ‘Otra Vez’.

I didn’t post a lot of gifs for ‘Somebody New’ and for these two music videos because while I want to let loose and squeal about the little details in these videos, I’ll save that for another day. ‘I Think I’ dropped two weeks ago and I loved it upon first listen. It was unique to the Super Junior formula since there was basically little to no dancing involved.

Heechul was featured in this video too but I was expecting it from the beginning. The teasers showed him and it looked like a more mellow track than ‘Super Clap’. It was accurate and while I longed for more dancing Donghae, when it came to visuals Super Junior DELIVERED.

I mean, they always do.

The album is solid enough but I’m finding myself going more towards the four tracks that they released ahead of time through video. ‘Skydive’ is really standing out for me out of the other album tracks. I’m hoping that with more listens I’ll get a better feel for the album.

I do recommend you check the four promotional release tracks at the least. They’re the best ones to capture Super Junior’s vast sound history.

I wish I could get a physical copy of the Donghae album but I can’t get it right now. Maybe someday… T_T

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SIDE NOTE: I didn’t talk about Sulli’s death because mourning is very personal for everyone. Especially when it comes to something so sensitive as mental health and suicide. I’m open about my own struggles here every now and then but this is not the time and the post for it. You matter, I matter, we all matter. I’m not trying to glaze over this by any means. It’s just that my personal grieving process about this is more internal than I can put in a blog post or a few sentences.


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