Pokémon Pinball Memories

This game I didn’t own personally. I already had some games and at the time, mom said she wouldn’t buy me any more games. It was frustrating but I had to make do with what I had.

The first one came out in 99, while I was in sixth grade. I had a friend of mine who had the game. We would have downtime during our finals where we could bring in stuff to entertain us if we finished early.

You bet your ass I’d try to finish early if I knew he had the game on him. I wanted to play it! It was fun. I already liked playing pinball games when I was at pizza places with the family. I think I got the love of them from my father. He used to play them more often than I did. I would just get close to the machine just to watch him play.

The flashing colors, the thrill of catching yet another Pokémon, was always alluring to me. I’d never been able to play one of the games of the main series because I’d never gotten one but this was the next best thing.

The second one, my cousin was the one that had it. He had a Game Boy Advance, much like my sisters and I. He was at the age where he understood what loaning games was and I’d borrow it occasionally while I was with him. I think the battery on his cartridge got wet once, making the whole game restart. Like I minded really.

The game provided me a lot of entertainment. I do think it was one of the more enjoyable spin-offs to play.

Now that I think about it, I want to see this game come back. Badly. It was a lot of fun to play back in the day and I really just want to experience the thrill of it all over again. Considering how many Pokémon there are now, I think this would be one of those games that would probably still hold the current Pokédex. Especially with the upcoming generation.

Did you ever get to play this? Which version? I’d love to see what you remember about this game! (I’ll also talk about Pokémon Snap eventually. Trust me.)

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