Mario Kart World Tour is Here – SEND HELP

So, last night I got a notification from Apple that my pre-order for Mario Kart World Tour was finally available…

You bet your bum I put down Borderlands 3 for just a second to check if I could get into the game ASAP. I was unfortunately(or fortunately for Carlos and Danny maybe), greeted with a message that the game was under maintenance and it’d be available after 4am on Wednesday morning.

I went to bed and minded my own business but you can safely bet that as soon as I got up this morning I hopped into the game.

Toadette was my first RNG pull and I am not even mad.

I went through the tutorial and they give you a race to finish after you learn the basic controls. You’re playing against a fairly dumbed down AI so it shouldn’t be that hard while you get the hang of it.

I have to admit that was a pretty sight right off the bat.

Shortly after you’re done with the basic driving tutorial, the game advises you to go into your first race for the two week limited time world cup. I like that they’re seemingly going to be refreshing these things at a pace that doesn’t require a person to log in every day to be able to get somewhere. Sure, there are daily incentives, most games have those.

At some point during these tutorials, you’re gifted 20 rubies, which you’ll be using to draw stuff from the Pipe. The cost is normally five gems per basic draw, which is not terrible. Now I’m wondering if there’s any actual way for you to earn gems in the game. Since the initial gift, I haven’t earned any yet.

The game is a lot of fun to pick up. I really was a little put off because of the way the game is played. I would’ve expected the phone to be sideways. I still have to get used to the steering controls, especially since you repeatedly have to lift your finger to turn. I would prefer it to instinctively correct without me having to do that.

This is the first build of the game that has been published. I’m hoping that with upcoming updates little things like that are corrected.

I am not going to talk about the $4.99 monthly membership for 200cc. I’m not about that life. If you’re up for it, do let me know how it works out for you, it’s not my cup of tea.

Will this game fare better than Dr. Mario? We’ll have to wait and see.

Have you played it yet? What’d you think?

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