Fangirl Fridays: You Make Me ~Feel Special~

I had been waiting for this comeback all month long. I absolutely fell in love with the weird dance/softness that the teasers were bringing out and the preliminary track that was going around definitely pumped me up.

The song dropped on Monday and I absolutely fell in love with it at first listen. It was more than I expected it to be. Especially when the line distribution. I’ll go more about that later, let’s start with the more obvious thing .

The song opened with CHAEYOUNG. WHAT WAAAT. It’s been mostly been drilled to my brain at this point to expect Nayeon off the bat. This snatched my wig and I was READY FOR THE REST.

The rest of the track slowly built to the chorus and I was feeling emotional because I kept hearing everyone else shine. As soon as Sana started with the first chorus, I absolutely lost my mind.

The song is most definitely got a few more elements than it did in the teaser. I actually like that the teasers didn’t give us the whole package so people just got creative with the teasers. It was amazing the different interpretations fans gave about what the final song was going to be like. Two of the ones I heard were pretty close on the mark.

Visually this video to me is a lot more appealing than ‘Fancy’ because of how everyone is just radiant. The styling as well, all the girls came to deliver with amazing looks.

This dance joined my list of ones that I want to learn. I’ve made some progress this year and I aim to start feeling more confident again with my dancing. It’s a difficult journey, I’ll tell you that.

On one final note, the lyrics to this song are honestly what sold it to me the best. As a person who suffers from anxiety, I felt that. I felt those words. I do have friends who have that effect and it’s helpful on the bad days.

I do need to sit down and listen to the rest of this mini album at some point. I think this might be first Twice album I actually want to buy. Whenever I have money for something like that.

Until next post!

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