Fangirl Fridays: Somebody New

It’s SJ comeback season and I can’t freaking wait!!! I’ve missed these boys for a long time now. They weren’t my first K-pop love but they definitely climbed up high to the list to remain high up there all these years later. They did release music last year, but this will be their first comeback with all current members since Kyu came back from his service.

Sadly, Heechul can’t participate in all the promo chaos because his old injury is acting up. I’m still looking forward to hearing his voice in a track or two.

I was expecting teasers and all these pictures for the remainder of the wait but then last Monday night they dropped a special video for their comeback.

Unlike last time, I haven’t been able to find the song as a single to add it to my library so I can keep listening to it. I can’t wait until October 14th!! SM or Label SJ please do something about it so I can keep listening to this!

I love the song. It’s a nice, refreshing sound from Super Junior. It’s been a while since I last heard something like this from them. The last special video they released well…it was a completely different state of mind, and a mood. I mean…


I absolutely love the lyrics to this song. It’s a nice, uplifting message. The melody is soft enough to fit its intent. A lot of the members also shine, signing wonderfully within their range. The rap still feels a little out of place, as it can occasionally happen at times like this.

It makes me even more excited for their album. I’ve been really looking forward to anything that would give me a clue to what sound vibes they were going for this upcoming release. I really hope they release an extended highlight medley at least a week before release. It feels so far away right now. This music video can tide me over for a while but honestly, the anticipation is killing me slowly.

My comeback Fangirl Friday was going to go to SJ, I just had to. Now if I do keep this series coming back I’m debating who to give the spot to next week…highlighting a rookie group or to Twice?

Stay tuned to find out!

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