Real Neat Blog Award!

So Meghan over at Meghan Plays Games tagged me in the Real Neat Blog Award! Thank you so much! I’ve been meaning to answer your questions and now I finally am able to get these up!

Since I’ve been seeing the tag a lot around lately, I’m just going to answer the questions and leave some down below if you’d like to answer them. If you’d like to join in, you’re more than welcome to do so!

So now onto the questions

Give a rundown of a good book you’ve read this summer! 

Well, this one is a little hard since it’s been a while from the last book I finished. I’m currently reading a different take on Mulan. Picture should still be on the sidebar since I barely post on instagram(I need to fix that). It’s called ‘Reflection’ and I’m still about halfway through. When I do pick it up, I can’t put it down because I get very engaged with it. I like it so far!

Sometimes people talk about having a spirit animal. If you were to have a spirit Pokemon that represents you, which one would it be?

That’s hard because honestly, what Pokémon I could call my spirit animal versus which Pokémon is my favorite to me is a hard distinction to make. I absolutely love Shaymin and I feel like it’s probably my best option for a spirit Pokémon. Umbreon is my all time favorite, followed by Leafeon but in reality, I think Shaymin is the best suited for me in this regard.

You’re stuck in a horror-movie scenario, and a murderer is after you! Are you: a) the mom friend (taking care of everyone, keeping the group together), b) the scaredy cat (you’re definitely clumsy, and probably dying first) or c) the “everyone for themselves” strategist (you’re taking off on your own)?

I’m dying first. I’m clumsy. There’s not much else I can say there. I could also be the mom friend but honestly, I think I’m gonna end up dying first regardless.

What is your favourite seasonal food and/or drink? This can also be food/drink that is technically available year-round, but you just associate with a certain time of year.

OMG. This one is so easy. I absolutely love ‘Tostones de Pana’. It’s my favorite thing. Whenever they’e in season(usually around early fall/late summer) I try to eat as many of them as I can if there are restaurants that serve them. It’s just freaking delicious. I remember when grandma used to give us some from her house.

A lot of video games allow you to customize your character, including their name – what’s your go-to name (male/female) when starting a new file? Or do you have a different one every time?

This one is complicated to answer. There are game where I generally stay with ‘Aria’ as a name but it really just depends on a universe. Other times I generally just try to create myself, blue hair and all. It’s just easier.

What is the most memorable vacation you’ve taken, or time spent traveling that you can think of?

This one is easy! Vidcon 2018. That was an amazing convention and all I want to do is go back next year since I couldn’t this year.

Take me baaaaaaack
Pick one of your favourite film/tv/book/video game characters and describe which D&D class you think they would be, and why. 

This one didn’t take long to figure out either. I thought initially it was going to take me longer. Nightwing would most definitely be a fighter among those standards. That man is well trained with his tools and equipment. Also, he fights with his hands. There’s no doubt about it.

Thanks again Meghan for the tag! I really appreciate it! This was a lot of fun to answer.

Now my questions:

  1. What’s the first book you remember reading?
  2. Favorite Song of all time?
  3. Do you prefer writing on paper or digitally?
  4. Do you keep a journal?
  5. What is a movie you feel that you can quote without much thought?
  6. What is your most recent self-care purchase? (You don’t have to go into details but basically, what did you get yourself recently just because you wanted to)
  7. Do you have a favorite genre of music that always seems to surprise people? Why is that?

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