Game and Watch Gallery Series

I honestly keep trying to search in the back of my mind how the heck I got my hands on these games and I still can’t remember. I know I didn’t ask Mom to buy them for me. That I’m sure of. I didn’t even know what they were about until I actually played them.

I know that when I finally did play them, it was really a lot of fun to play the more modern versions of the game thanks to the Game Boy Color.

One of my favorite ones to play was ‘Yoshi’s Cookie’. I don’t know how many hours I spent on that game to try and better my record. I also remember the one with Mario and Luigi with the cakes. That game was also way to time consuming.

Thanks to a quick Wiki search, I remember that this was the Mario Bros version of Game and Watch. I played classic and modern but the colors in the modern version were just so crisp at the time. It was the one that had the higher score out of them.

I also recently (today lol) learned that it was also released on the Game Boy Advanced. Which looks even better than it did on the GBC. Anyway, this game didn’t really cause much fights among my sisters and I since I seemed to be a bigger fan than they did. I do remember picking these games up often, especially when my friends and I would exchange cartridges amongst each other.

Did you ever play any of these games? Did you have a favorite Game and Watch game?

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