Borderlands 3 – A few days later…

Last Thursday night Borderlands 3 came out to relative hype. Now that I’ve been playing it for a few days. I definitely have some thoughts.

I’m coming at this as someone who has never played the games before. I barely played the second one recently. This isn’t the kind of game I would’ve picked up alone so I didn’t finish it by myself.

I’ve been playing this game with Carlos and a mutual friend of ours. We’re a team of three and have been having a bit of fun together at the insanity. The story is engaging and has its moments, the side-quests do as well.

However, I have a couple of bones to pick.

I had read a few reviews around town that Gearbox hasn’t learned anything about games in recent years and that if all you wanted to play was Boderlands, then you were going to love this game. They’re not wrong. Even as my first time experiencing this franchise, I’m understanding why the second game is so widely love.

The problem is that this is 2019 and purchasable backpack space is definitely outdated. In game cash isn’t too terribly hard to find, BUT the costs of these upgrades are ridiculous. From 1k to 3k. From 3k to 9k, then you jump from 9k to 81k. Yeah, no. That’s insane.

It is 2019 and inventory management shouldn’t be this limited in a game that boasts about having way too much loot. Vending machines aren’t always readily accessible, so fast traveling to one requires you to fight through more enemies to get back to where you left off. You can’t fast travel to your teammates either.

The loot has been mostly lackluster too. Sure, the Poop Rocket launcher caused a few laughs as a side-quest reward…but the novelty was gone pretty fast.

Carlos has been carrying the same weapons for almost 10 levels. I’ve been equipping blues because I can’t seem to find a single Legendary Assault riffle to use. The Legendary Rocket Launcher I just got tonight was deemed useless just two hours later.

Destiny 2 had a loot problem and they’ve been working through various fixes and things seem better. Division 2 has more loot fixes incoming. I totally understand that Borderlands 3 just launched but…you’d think that with the history these two games have just had (Division 2 just came out last March for reference), that they’d have a good starting point for loot management/loot rolls. Not this.

Hopefully as I continue later into the game things improve but let’s be real, I’m not keeping my hopes up.

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