Gears of War 5 First Thoughts

As a thrifty gamer because I’m unfortunately always broke, I made sure to reactivate my GamePass subscription under the two months for $2 offer so I could play Gears 5 early with Carlos.

I haven’t really fully played a Gears campaign. I played part of two with my cousin on his 360. I vaguely remember playing multiplayer on 3. My first real experience with a campaign and horde was Gears 4. I played that one with Carlos and it was definitely an adventure.

Horde then was complicated, hard, and felt like a damn chore. Last night for the first time ever I completed a full game, but since I kept getting disconnected and whatever…I didn’t get the achievement.


Believe me that was honestly one of the most frustrating things of the whole game. Carlos says we’ll have plenty of time to play more horde but with BL3 launching today, I don’t know when we’ll be back in Gears.

I’ve also been trying to catch up on all of my missing Exotics from Destiny 2 before Shadowkeep launches next month. I’ll talk about that another time, back to Gears 5.

We haven’t finished the campaign but we’ve made it to a boss fight that has definitely made me experience more rage than normal. It’s also been an uphill battle to find as many collectibles as possible and to have the server not reflect a good 2/3 of my findings.

Sure, I do expect to play the campaign a second time at some point, but I don’t want to have to split my focus to try and re-find the original collectibles I found when I first played this game.

So far, the story is interesting albeit a little predictable from the little bits and pieces I know of the original lore and the blank spaces that Carlos so graciously fills. I do want to know where this whole thing leads but that boss fight is so soul-crushing for me right now.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get through it sooner rather than later!

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