Geek Out Challenge – Day 29

It’s the day before the last post. I can’t believe it! You can join the Geek Out Challenge by going over to Megan’s blog. You can check out her answer through this link. She’ll be posting a master list on all of the prompts on Saturday! Be sure to check it out.

Day 29 – You’re an anime/cartoon character now! What outfit are you always wearing?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer. I could live in jeans/leggings and tank tops. Oh and chucks. Cannot live without Converse.

I could live in my gaming tank tops. I seriously would.

A couple of years ago when I was more comfortable with how I looked, I bought a bunch of gaming themed tank tops. I wear them quite often because I feel like I look great in them! I have been practicing yoga these last few days to try and tone down the weight I’ve gained recently. These pictures are two plus years ago.

I pretty much have stopped talking selfies because I don’t really feel at all comfortable. I know I recently posted one to Instagram, but it was more about showing off the Toxicitea merch than anything else.

So yeah, that’d be pretty much my wardrobe.

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