Dr. Mario World – How Long Will It Last?

The answer is not long apparently. I’m kidding. I’ve been sitting on writing about this game for over a month now but it’s because a lot of things have been happening around me and I’ve just completely forgotten about it.

I got to admit, the game upon first impression looked excellent. I really liked the presentation and how it all came together. I looked crisp, sharp, and the game runs pretty solid on my XR.

The levels are sometimes complicated, sometimes not. The essence of match 3 games such as this one. I do like that the music from the original game was remixed and brought back for this. It’s the right amount of nostalgia to draw you in. It isn’t exactly the nostalgia that will keep you playing.

I picked Bowser as my first doctor. He looked really funny in his costume and honestly, I wanted to go the unexpected route. Most of my friends would’ve totally guessed I’d go for Peach or Mario and they’d be 100% right. Decided to do something different this time around.

A few weeks ago, I went back in and saw some changes. They were great but not enough to keep me coming back to this mobile game on a daily basis. I can see where I can progress and I have way too many lives now because of all the recent updates but it’s still not enough to get me to come back every single day.

There’s the competitive versus mode which is is great when it works! It sucks when people rage quit. That’s par for the course in games like these though. It’s one of the reasons I open the game whenever I’m in the mood to play it.

I wish there was more I could say about the game but it doesn’t look very sustainable. What do you think? Have you played it yet?

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