Pokémon Masters – First Impressions

So…Wednesday, I get an email from Apple. My pre-order for Pokémon Masters is available. I mean, I had gotten the notification before I saw the email but regardless. It’s here!

The game opens with this…


I don’t know if I’ve ever stated this here. I love Gary Oak. I absolutely love him. He’s Blue in the US but we all know the reality here if we watched the anime. This is Gary Oak. The noises I made when he was the first character to show up, made me so happy.

Sadly, he doesn’t join your team right away. However, Brock and Misty do!

I’m ready for the Rock puns. Bring it on.

Misty’s way too giggly. It’s actually kind of annoying to approach her because all I hear is her giggles. I just started the game. Can’t imagine this on a long run. Most of the characters are giggly actually. The game has autobattle which is honestly great. I also need to talk about Pokémon Rumble for mobile phones too and I will. This is just more recent.

I did get excited that right away I was able to see Cynthia, the best Pokémon Champion, and Rosa. I loved playing the Unova region and Rosa was my favorite protagonist. I always admired her flare. Especially in the series.

Isn’t she the cutest?! Oh my goodness. Can I just ditch Mitsy and keep her as my main? Probably will unless I keep Barry around instead because Piplup. He’s just so cute! (Piplup, not Barry)<3

Like I mentioned just a little bit earlier. You can strategize to win or just let autobattle take care of everything for you. Sometimes though, it’s not that well executed. The game also does have a co-op mode but I haven’t made it that far to be able to describe exactly how the experience is.

The story is pretty basic, though the one shot stories that help you get to know your teammates are actually a cute highlight so far. Giggling and laughing aside. You get to make your own dialogue choices and so far it’s all pretty reactive to what you choose. Or so it looks like.

I got my first RNG summon on Wednesday and got Whitney with her Miltank…highly giggly Whitney.

As you can see, here are some of the pairs you’ll be able to acquire. As I understand it, Blue is number 65.

The amount of laughter and giggles in this game feels kind of absurd. At least, to me it does for the time being. I’m being hopeful it’s turned down as the game progresses but it also depends on whether the game has my attention long enough for me to get there.

For the moment and the novelty of it, the game looks fun. This one was more widely promoted for its premise than Pokémon Rumble World. I started it and I have picked it up off and on but honestly, for what it’s worth…there hasn’t been yet a Pokémon mobile game other than Go that I can say I pick up often.

Looks like I’ll continue to wait and hope that someday Trozei comes back.

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