Geek Out Challenge – Day 27

If you’re at all surprised for my answer with today’s Geek Out Challenge prompt, then you haven’t been reading this blog long. 😛

I still can’t believe this challenge is almost over! You can join in on the fun by going over to Megan’s blog and checking out the category. She’s going to be posting a master list with all prompts this Saturday! You can also see her answer for today by going here.

Day 27 – Favorite superhero?



Okay, in all seriousness. This is the other character I would’ve picked to meet in real life. This man has been my favorite hero my whole life practically. I loved him as Robin, love him as Nightwing, love him as everything else in between.

Seeing him in animated series was always a great surprise since Batman has always gotten more attention than him. Yes, Batman is a complex character…but so is Richard. Bruce raised him to be the opposite of him, he tried his hardest for Dick to not end up like him…to have a heart.

…and honestly, for the most part? He does.

I’m still waiting for a movie version of him that will do him justice. I’ve seen the version of him on Titans and it’s not terrible. I should try and give it another chance. His animated versions, even though some have slightly questionable voice acting(I still hear Roxas, sorry Jesse), have all been solidly written.

I need to get back into some of his comics, I need recommendations along with finishing a series I started where I’ve loved every single issue.

Having him in video games was also a delight. The Arkham Games all mostly did him justice in their character models, their voice acting was also very on point. I would love to play the remasters, experience that universe all over again.

Yes, I love Richard/Nightwing that much. No, I don’t have a problem. 😛

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