Geek Out Challenge – Day 23

I can’t believe it, we’re here at day 23 of the Geek Out Challenge. It’s almost over! You can follow along by going over to Megan’s blog and wait until the 31st when she’ll post the master list with all the prompts. Her wonderful answer for today’s prompt can be found here.

Day 23 – Something you love about the geek community?

What do I love about the Geek Community?! Oh jeez. There’s so much I can say. In more recent years it’s helped me come out of my shell, making me feel appreciated, and valid. I have made lasting friendships.

I’ve also found that they’re accepting, positive, and encouraging. I’ve been on a kick writing on my old Prince of Tennis fanfic(I could go into details at another time and probs will), and all I’ve gotten from fellow geeks is positive messages because I’m creating again. Much like how I’ve been keeping up with this challenge.

The geek community is open to everyone of all fandoms. It doesn’t have to be based on something ‘nerdy’, that’s also what I love about it. I’m a K-pop Geek, I’m a gamer geek, I’m a comic geek…the only one who can limit my geekiness is ME!

Over the course of my life I’ve encountered plenty of people who have tried to make me feel ashamed for liking the things I do. I’m 31 and I still listen to K-pop and watch cartoons? I get the side-eye from other people. It’s hurtful…it makes me doubt myself. I vent about it to friends, or write it down, or just enjoy thing I love more.


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