Geek Out Challenge – Day 24

So yesterday was the fun side of the geeky community. Today is the not so fun side of it. As a friendly reminder, you can join in on the Geek Out Challenge at anytime by going over to Megan’s blog. You can find her answer for today’s prompt through here.

Day 24 – Something you want to improve about the geek community?

One of the things that really bugs me about the geek community is that some people will always have an opinion on how you act about/around the things you like. Let people enjoy things! If you respect a person’s interests and desires, they’ll do the same to you. Talking behind a person’s back about why you think their interests are too weird or too extreme adds to the toxicity in the geek community.

Nobody wants that. Let people enjoy things. AGAIN. LET PEOPLE ENJOY THE THINGS. You can’t demand respect and then talk smack about people in the same fandom. It doesn’t work that way.

(Please nobody take this the wrong way. I really am not talking about anyone in particular.)

Old photo. But I think it captures the mood a little.

The other thing that bugs me is how I’m judged at times for being ‘late to things’ or not liking things ‘that I’m expected to enjoy because I liked this other thing’. Liking certain geek things is not mutually exclusive to other geek things. Just because I’m an English Major, doesn’t mean I love Tolkien.

If I HAD a dollar for every single time someone gave me shit for not liking Tolkien, I’d probably be able to pay off more bills. I really could use that right now.

Oh and you know, the other thing that bugs me is having my shows cancelled because I’m watching them. Yes, I’m still salty about why they cancelled Young Justice though it has since been corrected and RENEWED for a season 4.

Let the geeks be geeks.

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