Geek Out Challenge – Day 21

There’s only nine days left on this Geek Out challenge and I still can’t believe it. You can follow along this challenge by going over to Megan’s blog. You can also check out her answer for today’s prompt through here!

Day 21 – How did fandoms influence you and your life?

It’s really hard to explain how much fandom has influenced my life. I can safely say that the biggest influence they have provided me is the desire to write. A power to put my thoughts into pen creatively. I’ve written countless fanfictions over the years.

It’s also driven me to travel to experience two of the best weekends of my life. I went to Vidcon and I went to SMTown New York…the second one being an experience of definitely winging it. I also ended up on that infamous DVD which some people to this day are now realizing it was me.

Man I had so much fun with red hair. I’ve had more fun with the blue though.

I also dabbled onto some cosplay, which I’ve even thought about doing again. I remember that one of the first characters I cosplayed was a genderbent Urahara from Bleach because I thought it’d be amazing. I’m still sad that I don’t know where that cloak is. Or where my Tifa Lockheart Advent Children cosplay went either.

One of those rare moments when I was coordinated in heels.

It helped me make friends over the course of my whole life. In recent years, I’ve hidden my fandom colors and favorites because I’ve felt scared of putting myself out there. My anxiety grew and I couldn’t bear with it.

I then started making myself known, putting myself out there, which lead to finally making it to VidCon last year. I finally met all of my Smosh Fam and I loved spending all the time I could with them. I want to see them more often, I realize that for me to be able to do that…I’m going to need more money though. Cost of living here is getting worse.

So fandom is a huge influence of my life. It’s brought me friendships, entertainment, and let me express myself in ways I didn’t think I could.

I can’t wait to see what else I learn through it.

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