Geek Out Challenge – Day 20

I changed up the blog a little last night. I do think it looks nicer. Now, onto the matter at hand. Friendly reminder that you can join on the Geek Out Challenge by going to Megan’s blog A Geeky Gal. You can also check out today’s prompt answer here!

Day 20 – What series would you recommend to anyone?

This one is a hard one to answer. I mean, I already can recommend the Ducktales reboot to no end. I think it’s amazing. So this time around, I’ll talk about Batman the Animated Series.


It is a STAPLE for any Batman fan. I’m talking about the Kevin Conroy led 90’s series. I didn’t watch it as a child because it unfortunately was a harsher time than present time for girls who wanted to watch ‘boy things’. I watched this series completely as an adult.

I also remember seeing bits of Batman Beyond and Justice League that also fell in the same universe so definitely a good recommendation there too!

Anyway, this Batman was amazing. The voice acting was excellent. The characters were all fleshed out, including the villains. Every episode I watched, I fell more and more in love with this universe. I have a list of my favorite episodes, the one with Adam West as the Grey Ghost is also included.

This was also the first animated universe where Nightwing appears. Teen Titans the original series featured him too but this was much later.

I highly recommend this series to new people who are just starting to get into super heroes. It’s a beautiful tale that concludes with a delightful movie called Mask of the Phantasm. I mean, there’s way more to this universe with Batman Beyond, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited but if you just want to get your feet wet…this is the place to start!

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One thought on “Geek Out Challenge – Day 20

  1. Also the Superman Animated series still dosen’t get enough love

    I’ve Been re-watching BTAS since I snagged the complete series on Blu-Ray and still amazing as always!

    Tim Daly is the voice I hear when I read a superman comic or George Newbern…either is fine 🙂


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