Geek Out Challenge – Day 16

Today’s challenge question really made me think quite a bit. Day sixteen asks:

Day 16 – What crossover would you like to see?

I mean, okay…this one’s tough. Especially because I ended up getting this crossover in the most unexpected way just a few years ago. I loved watching Smosh and Smosh Games but these channels rarely came together for anything. I know that this was all mostly the brainchild of Matt Raub and other things behind the scenes that brought them together.

The first Summer Games was a masterpiece. As the years went by, things got intense. Last year it was honestly not the best year, but it was still memorable regardless.

This year, the surprise announcement happened at VidCon and honestly, I’d wish I’d been there. The team names sounded amazing and the whole atmosphere for this year’s games was totally different than last year’s.

Today, incidentally enough, was the finale of this year’s games. It was a roller-coaster of emotions. I thought that this finale was by far one the most unique and fitting. After years of watching it, this ending was fulfilling and emotional.

I’m blessed that I’ve been able to see the crossover I’ve wished for happen so frequently. Ever since Smosh moved over to Mythical Entertainment, it’s been great to see my favorite creators make content and have the fans support them in all the crazy stuff they pull. Especially this year’s Summer Games. The banter was intense and all of it was playful, the games were wildly unique and the shirts are AMAZING.

Shoutout to Nissa for getting mine! I’m wearing it again to rep ToxiciTEA!!!!

I really tried to come up with a different crossover but honestly, this was basically at the top of my list for a few years until it actually happened.

Just a friendly reminder that you can join in on the fun Geek Out Challenge by going over to Megan’s blog and checking out the category. You can also read her answer for today’s prompt by going through this link. She’s going to be posting a master list with all the prompts on August 31st.

Thanks so much for reading!

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