Geek Out Challenge – Day 15

We’re back with another Geek Out Challenge post! Today’s question asks:

Day 15 – What Hogwarts House are you in?

Found on tumblr

This one is an easy question. I took the quiz when the first movie came out and I’ve been a Ravenclaw ever since. I remember feeling a little pang of jealousy thinking that I could never be with Harry on his great adventures but honestly? I’m a bookworm, always have been.

My teachers throughout most my school career admitted that I was pretty intelligent for my age. I admired the thought of being friends with Luna as I got older. It also hit me that just because I was in Ravenclaw, it didn’t mean I couldn’t hang out with the twins.

I loved them both. George was my favorite honestly. Always felt he was a little bit more sensitive than Fred.

Getting immersed in all those books, solving riddles to get into the common room, it all sounds like a wonderful adventure honestly. I also see myself being friends with Hermione and asking her for pointers just in case I’m worried about something being wrong. Just build that bridge of trust right there.

So that would by my house! What would yours be?

Remember that you can join us on Megan’s Geek Out Challenge by going to her blog. You can also read her answer to today’s prompt right here! Another fellow Ravenclaw representing!

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