Geek Out Challenge – Day 14

Hello fam! We’re back with another Geek Out Challenge post! This one was actually quite a bit of fun to think about. I spent most of the day analyzing it and finally came up with an answer. Today’s prompt asks:

Day 14 – What super power would you like to have?

I initially was thinking about teleportation but then I realized that there was one ability that I thoroughly enjoyed in a game. I think there have been other instances where this has appeared as an ability, if I can remember it, I’ll obviously write it out.

I’d love to open tears like Elizabeth does in Bioshock Infinite. I’d travel the world. I’d spend so much of my time just taking in the sights, admiring the world. It’s funny because all I keep thinking is how much I’d save on airfare to travel the world. How I could go to Japan and blow money on stationery goods from all the things I like.

The concerts I would be able to see, the cons I’d be able to get to. Being able to travel around through tears during my downtime would be freaking amazing.

Pop over to France for a pastry and then be back at work in no time at all. I’m a simple girl. Maybe. I’d be able to take people too since I can leave the tear open for a small portion of time.

It’d be incredible. I don’t really need to be able to go to alternate timelines, not really. It’s not something I’d be too invested in. I mean, then I’d be obsessed with finding my life in other timelines and it’ll get so tiring. I just want to live man.

I think I’d like to do that more than teleportation honestly. It’ll still take me around the world, and I’ll be able to have more control over things. The idea of sharing this experience with someone else would be amazing I think.

Friendly reminder that the Geek Out Challenge is from Megan over at A Geeky Gal. Her answer for today’s prompt is here! You can join us on her awesome blog challenge now or on August 31st, when she’ll post the master list with all 30 questions.

Until next time!

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